Posted by: reptilesalive | February 22, 2008

Beardie writes a blog

So, the school systems are all shut down today. That means all the shows we had scheduled for today are rescheduled. I dont see any ice outside. Looks like a fine day to walk in the rain. Except that it is 30 degrees outside. That is in F, so I am staying in the heated room. Now, you would think that I would be taking advantage of all this extra time. All those crickets to eat, paper to dig in, and water to splash around in, after pooping in it of course, are waiting for me.

Today is the day to lay underneath a heat lamp and take a nap. The humans here sure wish they had a nice warm lamp to lay under. Are blue feet on humans normal?

Well,Bear if the humans do decide to do something useful today, maybe they will put up a nature journal blog or something. Only time will tell.

Nap first.


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