Posted by: reptilesalive | March 3, 2004

A glimpse of a Rare Salamander

This is in an undisclosed location in George Washington National Forest in Virginia. I have chosen to keep this place a secret to protect the Jefferson’s Salamander found here.

These beautiful salamanders are out laying eggs fairly early in the year. Out we went on a chilly March morning in search of this elusive blue spotted little guy.

First thing I found in a freezing little creek, was this thing.

If you can identify it, I would be interested. In any case I do not think this is the adult form of whatever it is. We continued carfully turning over logs and rocks along the banks of the creek. We were very careful to gently place the overturned objects into the exact same position they were in before. Logs have tiny little micro-ecosystems underneath. You do not want to destroy them, so always put them back exactly as you found them.

My feet were freezing from stepping in cold water and I spent much of my time stamping my feet. I felt the burning sensation of circulation returning zapping up my legs and through my toes.

Caroline quickly jumps up and dashes towards a log and promptly sticks her head next to a small hole on the side of the rotten dead tree. I imagined a cartoon claw popping out and pinching her on the nose. “Why was she so excited?” There is no way she can see what just went into that thing!

Caroline must have eagle eyes. She found exactly what we came out to find! To make it more amazing he actually decided to come out of his shallow hiding place and make a break for it under some nearby leaves! I’m sure glad humans have thumbs. I made quick work of moving the leaves off of him and snapping a quick picture before leaving him be.

How cool is that?

We ended our short trip with a view of another gorgeous salamander. Say hello to this striking red-backed salamander!


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